Dear Readers:

This is my first post.  I am happy to have this account to share my thoughts as they come to mind.  Today’s thought lingers on…Paris, France.

For a while now, I have been thinking about what would it be like to live in Paris, France. I have no idea why this country is always on my mind – as I have never visited nor know of anyone who lives in France.  My heart is longing to visit and most recently longed to stay.  I am so disappointed in the social injustices occuring in my home country…the states.

Although I am pleased to see a new president at the helm, my disdain for the citizens of this great country leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  My dream…hope, if you will – is to leave the country and return when things are back on track.  I have faith that one day it will be.  Due to the fact that, the citizens of this great nation have spoken with the recent induction of a new president. I have faith in the new president. Yet, I yearn to leave.




~ by parisblues on 2009/03/12.

6 Responses to “Expatriate”

  1. I am so glad that you have decided to utilize this forum! You have a lot to say and this is a great place to say it! Don’t know if you’ve ever found your way to mine – I blog almost daily, so stop by if you never have before…

    I yearn to leave sometimes, too. I have a lot of faith in the new administration, but the mess he was left with is gonna take a lot longer than 4 years to clean up.

  2. Well well well! a blog for you! I like it! The colors are wonderful and go great with your brooding but creative mood:)

    I think there are just some people that have real attachments to certain thing, places and people. My daughter told me a long time ago, “Did you know I am turning 5 years old and I have not seen the Effiel Tower!” Guess what neither have I:) But I hope that both of you will get to visit Paris on day and take in all the sights you long for (and you will see they have the same injustices we do – the faces change but people remain the same)

    Congratulations on your first post! May there be many more:)

  3. Nice site 🙂 you really should update more

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