your outfit is hideous!

Lately I have been posting many of my interests on twitter. Specifically, tweeting topics on fashion and style.  I have always enjoyed the world of fashion – at least how I’ve seen it – through various media (print & television).  However, the one thing that bothers me most about fashion is the way some people voice negative opinions/comments on what others are wearing. 

In my opinion, fashion is ever changing and subjective.  My idea of classic pieces may be considered non classic to another person. In the grand scheme of things, when it comes down to it, I do not voice any negative comments or opinions on what others are wearing – especially if it looks like the person is happy.  

It would be different if the individual (aka the one committing the ‘fashion crime’) asked for an opinion – or hired the naysayer as an image consultant.  If you, the naysayer are not paying the person’s bills – why make it a point to make fun of their fashion choice?  Why does one feel compelled to point someone out (or) take a picture of the ‘fashion crime’ and blast the person on the Internet…or worse laugh about them behind their back to other people – who in turn may share those negative comments with others….at which point the comment(s) may be heard by the person committing the ‘fashion crime’ – the one who was originally having a good day.  Why knock down someone’s spirit?

Bottom line: negative comments/opinions about what someone is wearing is downright mean – unwarranted, unnecessary. 

The next time you see someone wearing something you deem unattractive, do the world a favor and try to keep your negative comments/opinions to yourself. 

Oh by the way, your outfit is hideous!!! ha ha.


~ by parisblues on 2009/05/06.

2 Responses to “your outfit is hideous!”

  1. And on the flip side of that – if they’re wearing something you DO think is cute, a well-placed compliment is never out of line! I agree that being mean is unnecessary – particularly about something so subjective. Posting and commenting on pictures taken without the subjects approval online is bullying, pure and simple.

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