You have toe jam on your toast


Clean your nails son!

Clean your nails son!

One of the things that can be so disgusting is dirty long/short man nails. I understand that there are some hard working men out there – and that is something that can be admired. However, to walk around all willy nilly with dirty nails is totally unacceptable.


Nothing (well there are other things) can be more disgusting than a man with black/brown particles of who knows what in their fingernails.

Do the world a favor men & clean your nails son.


~ by parisblues on 2009/05/07.

2 Responses to “You have toe jam on your toast”

  1. That is GROSS! LMAO – I mean dang does that person use SOAP to wash their hands. That makes me think that someone is picking their butt crack and that is the residue from it! Invest in a nail brush!

  2. I know!! I was thinking the same thing…or scratching their balls. LOL. nashty!!

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